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The Armsan A620 Carbon

by | Jan 9, 2019

I recently picked up an ex-demo Armsan A620 in the dipped carbon finish.

Being an owner of the Armsan A620 this felt like an obvious choice as a gun for my girlfriend, having tried her with a 20G Beretta Silver Pigeon (which she just couldn’t get on with) as well as a couple of different 12G Autos, the recurring theme being they were either too heavy or too big for her to comfortably hold.
Always being a bit cartridge dubious with 20G Semi-Autos, especially given it was basically a new gun, I didn’t hold out a huge amount of hope on what cartridges it would cycle. It’s first outing was a trip to the South Wales 2000 clay ground during our weekend away in Wales. If you’re a Gavin and Stacey fan then you’ll love this place, the staff are comedy gold! I grabbed a couple of boxes of 24 gram, 20G Rio Top Targets, out of 50 shells I think there may have been only a single malfunction; so this left me thinking that 24s could be the sweet spot.

This weekend just gone a couple of friends and I headed over to Purbeck Shooting School so I went prepared with a couple of boxes of Hull Pro Twenty’s (for our weedy friend to shoot) in 28g and a box of 24g’s from Lamberts of Ringwood in hope that they would play ball like the Rio’s did. About 8 rounds in we started gettng failed ejections, a shame but it was kind of expected, we swiched to loading the 28’s as the first round knowing they had enough poke to load the 24g. The 28’s cycled faultlessly, so I’m hoping after a few hundred more rounds the gun will losen up, apart from that, for the money it’s an astonishing bit of kit and the boss is very happy with it!

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